oh HEY!

I'm Valerie!

It all started with construction paper and excessive amounts of tape as a young kiddo. These days I express my creativity through photography. Every day I wake up grateful that my creative side meshes so well with my passion for people and turned this dream into a career.  

it's true. What started with one dog, turned into two and now THREE! I can't help myself. I want to give all the dogs in the world a safe place to live. I'd love to open a dog rescue one day.

Crazy dog mom

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Fun fact .01

Being married to a travel and landscape photographer comes with some perks. Travel is in my blood. From Hawaii to Canada, Arizona and back to Kansas I love it all. 

Travel bug

Fun fact .02

I can't help myself. I love a good teen drama show. Do you love Gossip Girl? Great! We are gonna be bff's!

Teen Drama

Fun fact .03

I love all things Disney but especially the movie The Little Mermaid. She has red hair, I have red hair. She lives in the ocean, I love the ocean. What can I say, we are sort of twins. 


Fun fact .04

I'm obsessed with my bed. It's my safe place, my comfy place, my relaxing place. I hate to make my bed but love crawling into it at night if it's made. Anyone else relate?

My bed

Fun fact .05

Ever since I was little, I've been moving furniture around my bedroom. Now I move furniture around my whole house! In the past, I thought about making a career out of interior decorating. Who knows, it might still happen! 

Let's decorate

Fun fact .07

He is my why. My reason for being here on this earth. I hope to spread as much hope, love and joy, and give Him all the glory and praise through my life and work.


Fun fact .08

Valerie was an absolute joy to work with at my senior session. I have always dreamed of a beautiful senior session, and Valerie gave me everything I wanted and more. The stylist, Lauren, was also wonderful to work with. With attention to detail, Valerie catered everything to fit my personality. She guided me through posing and the locations were all perfect! You can truly see that she loves what she does. I would very highly recommend Valerie--she is, by far, the best at making every senior look and feel confident. - Jessica

"she is, by far, the best at making every senior look and feel confident"

Val was absolutely amazing! She put so much time and effort into each of my pictures to make them absolutely perfect. She posed me and had tons of unique ideas. After, she spends time retouching the photos so they still look natural, yet flawless! Valerie brought out a whole new side of confidence in me that I've never seen before! She made me feel so comfortable the whole session and laughed and joked with me the whole time. I felt like I was just with another friend! Val is seriously the best photographer I've ever known.
- Sydney

"she laughed and joked with me the whole time. I felt like I was just with another friend!"