Jamie Portrait Session

  1. Laurie says:

    You are correct. She is beautiful and your photos are amazing. As a Wichita photographer , it looks like you have a lot of greatplaces for photos

  2. Emily Moore says:

    She has got some gorgeous hair! Whew I love those curls!! You did a wonderful job with this portrait session!!

  3. Lacey says:

    What a beautiful session anybody in Wichita looking for a photographer should definitely look you up

  4. Rox Snedeker says:

    Jamie sounds like a very fun gal to me!!! And yes, I want that hair!!!!

  5. These portraits are incredible! Her curls re gorgeous! It looks like you have so many great places for portraits in Wichita!

  6. krysta reed says:

    You never know when you will need a Wichita photographer, I will share your page! Love this beautiful soul’s gorgeous hair

  7. Mindy Norman says:

    I love that beautiful woman more than you will ever know! She is breath taking!

  8. JaNelle says:

    Yes. This lady is The CurlQueen. These pictures are gorgeous to boot!!

  9. Jamie L says:

    Beautiful portraits, and infectious smile! I especially love the black and white one. Wichita is lucky to have such a talented photographer!

  10. Gina Purcell says:

    You’re an amazing Wichita photographer! These portraits of this beautiful lady are wonderful! You captured her in such a fun way.

  11. Deb B. says:

    What a beautiful session with a beautiful woman. I can’t get over her fabulous hair too.

  12. Trina Dinnar says:

    What a gorgeous portrait session! Great work!

  13. rizelle says:

    I truly agree these portraits are adorbs seriously please do a photoshop tutorial too.

  14. Taylor Fisher says:

    Beautiful images. Beautiful lady. Beautiful story behind your work. Amazing job, Valerie! Your work is so inspirational.

  15. sarah says:

    wow! She is gorgeous, and her hair is dreamy! You captured her so well, you are such a talented Wichita Photographer

  16. Alyssa Bouma says:

    she is so beautiful! love the light in all of these. you are a great wichita photographer!

  17. Mariana says:

    Lovely shots! If I’m ever in Wichita and in need of a photographer, I’ll definitely be looking you up!

  18. Jakayla says:

    Wow she’s so beautiful! You really caught the confidence that she harbors.

  19. Naomi says:

    These portraits are beautiful. I love your use ofbacklght and posing. Gorgeous lady too!

  20. Sara Skiles says:

    GORGEOUS!!!! My onliest hair person <3 <3 <3

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