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We made it to Friday! The summer weeks seemed to fly by and I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Summer is pretty much over and everyone is headed back to school already. So crazy! That being said, I am so excited for fall. Cuddling up in a cozy blanket, breathing in the crisp fall air, crunching through fallen leaves in some cute boots – I love all of those things so I guess I am ok with saying goodbye to summer until next year.

Today I am continuing a project I introduced a few weeks ago. You can read my first post here. If you have followed me on Instagram or even just browsed my website for a couple minutes you will probably notice that I use the phrase “confidence is beautiful” multiple times. I truly believe that phrase. I have witnessed this in myself and I have seen it over and over again with my clients.

The basic summery behind my project is to photograph women to help empower women! From questions I am asking I have discovered that women either haven’t ever had photographs of just themselves taken, ever, or it’s been since their senior year or wedding. Crazy! Photographs not only document your life and give your children (and their children) something to look back on and cherish, but it is empowering to get in front of the camera! It can totally be a little scary at first, but I promise I will make it easy for you!

If you need a confidence boost, if you haven’t had your photos taken since your wedding, if you just need a little time for you, please contact me. I would absolutely love to work with you  and make your feel gorgeous! Women’s Portrait Photography is also the perfect gift for your significant other!

Jamie is the gorgeous gal in these photos. She has been making my eyebrows look fantastic for many years and she is a boss when it comes to all things curly hair. And just look at her hair. It is serious goals! Jamie has the sweetest heart and really has a passion for people. You can check out her salon here.

Jamie, thank you for  being so awesome and for hanging out in front of my camera.  You are stunning on the inside and on the outside.

  1. Laurie says:

    You are correct. She is beautiful and your photos are amazing. As a Wichita photographer , it looks like you have a lot of greatplaces for photos

  2. Emily Moore says:

    She has got some gorgeous hair! Whew I love those curls!! You did a wonderful job with this portrait session!!

  3. Lacey says:

    What a beautiful session anybody in Wichita looking for a photographer should definitely look you up

  4. Rox Snedeker says:

    Jamie sounds like a very fun gal to me!!! And yes, I want that hair!!!!

  5. These portraits are incredible! Her curls re gorgeous! It looks like you have so many great places for portraits in Wichita!

  6. krysta reed says:

    You never know when you will need a Wichita photographer, I will share your page! Love this beautiful soul’s gorgeous hair

  7. Mindy Norman says:

    I love that beautiful woman more than you will ever know! She is breath taking!

  8. JaNelle says:

    Yes. This lady is The CurlQueen. These pictures are gorgeous to boot!!

  9. Jamie L says:

    Beautiful portraits, and infectious smile! I especially love the black and white one. Wichita is lucky to have such a talented photographer!

  10. Gina Purcell says:

    You’re an amazing Wichita photographer! These portraits of this beautiful lady are wonderful! You captured her in such a fun way.

  11. Deb B. says:

    What a beautiful session with a beautiful woman. I can’t get over her fabulous hair too.

  12. Trina Dinnar says:

    What a gorgeous portrait session! Great work!

  13. rizelle says:

    I truly agree these portraits are adorbs seriously please do a photoshop tutorial too.

  14. Taylor Fisher says:

    Beautiful images. Beautiful lady. Beautiful story behind your work. Amazing job, Valerie! Your work is so inspirational.

  15. sarah says:

    wow! She is gorgeous, and her hair is dreamy! You captured her so well, you are such a talented Wichita Photographer

  16. Alyssa Bouma says:

    she is so beautiful! love the light in all of these. you are a great wichita photographer!

  17. Mariana says:

    Lovely shots! If I’m ever in Wichita and in need of a photographer, I’ll definitely be looking you up!

  18. Jakayla says:

    Wow she’s so beautiful! You really caught the confidence that she harbors.

  19. Naomi says:

    These portraits are beautiful. I love your use ofbacklght and posing. Gorgeous lady too!

  20. Sara Skiles says:

    GORGEOUS!!!! My onliest hair person <3 <3 <3

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