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Happy Friday Friends! I am so excited for the weekend. It is a pretty low key weekend for me. Lots of relaxing and hanging out with family and the weather here in Wichita, KS is fantastic! Fall seems to already be here and I’m so ok with it!

Today I am continuing a project I introduced a few weeks ago. You can read my first post here. If you have followed me on Instagram or even just browsed my website for a couple minutes you will probably notice that I use the phrase “confidence is beautiful” multiple times. I truly believe that phrase. I have witnessed this in myself and I have seen it over and over again with my clients.


The basic summery behind my project is to photograph women to help empower women! From questions I am asking I have discovered that women either haven’t ever had photographs of just themselves taken, ever, or it’s been since their senior year or wedding. Crazy! Photographs not only document your life and give your children (and their children) something to look back on and cherish, but it is empowering to get in front of the camera! It can totally be a little scary at first, but I promise I will make it easy for you!


If you need a confidence boost, if you haven’t had your photos taken since your wedding, if you just need a little time for you, please contact me. I would absolutely love to work with you  and make your feel gorgeous! Women’s Portrait Photography is also the perfect gift for your significant other!


Now That I’ve said all of that, scroll down and look at Lynda and how gorgeous she is! I photographed her daughter Paige last year when she was a senior in high school and was so honored to get to photograph Lynda this year! This is totally one of my favorite families. A bunch of sweethearts!


Lynda, thank you for  being so amazing and for doing this portrait session with me. You are beautiful!



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